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MUSEUM OF THE FUTURE: «in search of innovation and a better life».

por | 16 Feb, 23 | Viajes

by Carmen Álvarez.

I was lucky enough in my recent trip to Dubai to visit what is the hit of the moment : the Museum of the Future.

It is thought to be its most recent famous landmark since it explores next-generation science, technology and innovation.

Located in the main avenue, Sheikh Zayed Road, with a convenient exit to a metro station, it was founded in 2022, just a year ago, by the Dubai Future Foundation.

From the beginning it was designed as a living museum incorporating elements of traditional exhibitions but also themed attractions.

Questions like ‘Can I fix the environment or should the government do it?’, ‘How will we live in space?’, ‘How can we heal our planet?’, or ‘How smart will our homes be?’ are only some of the challenges proposed to the visitors. The idea is to make them not only think about these issues but also try a possible answer. 

The general idea is how by answering these questions the people can enhance their lives : science and technology must serve to improve people’s lives that is why it includes topics like the future of space travel and living, climate change and ecology, health, wellness and spirituality.

The magnificent building in steel and glass is beautiful and stunning conveniently located in a place to be seen from far away. It was designed by the South African architect Shaun Killa who wanted the structure to represent Dubai’s vision of the future, challenging the orthodox idea that a museum has to display only things from the past.

Each floor is designed as a interactive movie set brought to life by storytellers and technologists. 

Ending up with one of the three quotes enveloping the facade, is a good way to summing up this tour : “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and execute it. It isn’t something you await but rather create”.

Nothing strange for a city like Dubai which is all the time in movement and that wants to be seen as the city of progress and unlimited possibilities.

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